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ATTENTION: The selection of new volunteers is finalized at the moment due to covid-19





Responsible for the rehabilitation of thousands of animals, volunteering at the Santa Catarina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (CETAS-SC) is a unique opportunity to work with wild animals. We are located in Florianópolis (SC) within the Rio Vermelho State Park, 26km from the city center. There we received animals from trafficking, wildlife rescue and voluntary delivery by ordinary citizens. There are hundreds of species that are under the care of our technical team, always looking for safe release of these animals, when possible due to their physical conditions.

As it is the only CETAS-SC in the state, there are always many demands requiring dedicated volunteers in the cause of wild animals. The main activities include food preparation, environmental enrichment, cleaning of equipment and environments, organization of the site and food deliveries.

In order to facilitate the organization and logistics of the team, volunteers must work on their preference shifts (7 am-12 pm OR 1 pm-6 pm), at least once a week. All transportation, accommodation, food and clothing expenses are the responsibility of the volunteers. If you have any questions or need suggestions, you can send an email to contato@espacosilvestre.org.br. However, we always recommend accommodation in the neighborhoods of Rio Vermelho or Barra da Lagoa, due to the proximity of the activities and you can find here our complete checklist of suggestions for everyday items.

As it is a special and monitored area, it is mandatory to identify within the CETAS the Instituto Espaço Silvestre shirt. It is available for purchase upon arrival at CETAS-SC, costing R$ 35.00 and belonging to the volunteer since its acquisition.

Basic Requirements:

(1) Demonstrate interest, responsibility, punctuality, proactivity and commitment to teamwork;

(2) Be enrolled from the third semester onwards in Biology and related areas;
(3) Have availability to reside in Florianópolis and perform activities in person for 30 hours a week, including weekends and holidays for a period of 6 consecutive months;
(4) Be available to travel for periods of up to 15 days per month, if necessary, and work in rough field conditions;
(5) Have basic knowledge of the Office Package and Internet;
(6) Skill in video editing and social networks will be a differential
(7) Have a driving license (CNH type B);
(8) Ability to interact with a wide range of audiences (rural communities, children, academics, among others)
(9) Be up to date with vaccines (adult pair, yellow fever and
  anger titration)

Performed activities:

> Assist in field trips (release of wild animals, monitoring, installation of camera traps, vessel preparation and vehicle care, preparation and supply of supplementary food, loading of field material, etc.);
> Screening of camera trap images; 
> Assist in the handling and rehabilitation of animals for release;
> Assist in administrative demands;
> Assist in editing images and videos and publications on social networks;
> Present an internship seminar.

To participate in the selection:

Send an e-mail to contato@espacosilvestre.org.br with the subject 'Silvestres SC' until the day 23/06/2021 containing:

> A video of up to 1 minute explaining why you should be selected for the internship vacancy
> Proof of dual adult vaccines, yellow fever and rabies vaccine (rabies titration will be required)
> Resume (maximum 2 pages)
> Proof of enrollment from the University