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Created in 1999, the history of Instituto Espaço Silvestre began long before its name. At that time we were known as Instituto Carijós Pro-Conservation of Nature and we aimed to support the implementation of Conservation Areas and their participatory management, through research and monitoring, environmental education and community mobilization. Due to the work in cooperation with the Carijós Ecological Station , in 2001 we managed to make this Conservation Unit a reference in Brazil.

However, our work did not stop. We developed the Carijós Ecological Station Management Plan Implementation project, we brought the Ecological Station closer to other Conservation Areas, such as the Arvoredo Biological Reserve; Environmental Protection Area of ​​Anhatomirim and Pirajubaé Extractive Reserve. As a result, it was also possible to design and carry out environmental education and community integration projects and among government institutions. After the completion of work at ESEC Carijós in 2010 and the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity (ICMBio) having taken on the same, we understood that it was time to fly across other skies.


A group of friends in love with wild fauna got together to found Espaço Silvestre, an organization that worked informally and voluntarily. At that moment, our first project also started, the reintroduction of the vinaceous breasted amazon in the Araucárias National Park, SC. Over time, the project gained structure and recognition, transforming the organization and permanently changing it to Instituto Espaço Silvestre. Since then our team has only grown. In 2019 we were the first placed in the public call notice 001/2018 / IMA, starting work at the Santa Catarina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. (CETAS-SC) and we incorporated the Aves de Noronha project, flying even higher.


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(1) Contribute and promote animal welfare and conservation through science, education and socioeconomic development; We are a family owned and operated business.

(2) Rehabilitate wild terrestrial animals following technical standards;

(3) Develop mechanisms for scientific dissemination, contributing to public and citizen knowledge. We are a family owned and operated business.

Mission and objectives:


  • Considered one of the most endangered parrots in Brazil, the Vinaceous-breasted Amazonainda are still victims of animal trafficking. For this reason, in 2010 we started a project to reverse their extinction process in the Araucárias National Park in the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil.

  • Located in the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, IES assumed in 2019 the management of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. We are responsible for the assessment, recovery, rehabilitation and disposal of wild terrestrial animals from inspection actions, rescues or spontaneous deliveries

  • Aves de Noronha

    The Birds of Noronha Project's main objective is to redirect the eyes of residents and tourists to the island's rich bird biodiversity, through Research, Education, Citizen Science and Sustainable Tourism, improving the state of conservation and strengthening the local economy.




Instituto Espaço Silvestre is a non-governmental organization composed of a General Assembly, a supreme body in the hierarchical structure, formed by members of the board, the fiscal council and the founders of the institution.

Among the duties of the Assembly are to approve the activity report and balance sheets, as well as to elect members of the Boards and board of directors. The board has the function of discussing the goals, guidelines and performance indicators, in addition to assisting in the development of fundraising programs. In turn, the Fiscal Council is responsible for issuing opinions on the balance sheets sent by the executive board, giving an opinion on the performance of financial operations and supervising compliance with the institution's Statute.

According to Federal Law 13,204 / 15 and State Law 15,617 / 15, Instituto Espaço Silvestre maintains its commitment to transparency in the use of resources. You can check our audited financial statements below:




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