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(1) Contact at least 2 months in advance of the proposed date;

(2) Have all doses of tetanus, yellow fever and rabies vaccines (the latter for periods over 7 days);


(3) Read and agree to our volunteer term, found here;


(4) Write a letter of interest, justifying all the reasons you would like to participate in the program including the activity, availability of dates and times);

(5) Send proof of vaccines, signed volunteer term and letter of interest to the email



Responsible for the rehabilitation of thousands of animals, volunteering at the Santa Catarina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (CETAS-SC) is a unique opportunity to work with wild animals. We are located in Florianópolis (SC) within the Rio Vermelho State Park, 26km from the city center. There we received animals from trafficking, wildlife rescue and voluntary delivery by ordinary citizens. There are hundreds of species that are under the care of our technical team, always looking for safe release of these animals, when possible due to their physical conditions.

As it is the only CETAS-SC in the state, there are always many demands requiring dedicated volunteers in the cause of wild animals. The main activities include food preparation, environmental enrichment, cleaning of equipment and environments, organization of the site and food deliveries.

In order to facilitate the organization and logistics of the team, volunteers must work on their preference shifts (7 am-12 pm OR 1 pm-6 pm), at least once a week. All transportation, accommodation, food and clothing expenses are the responsibility of the volunteers. If you have any questions or need suggestions, you can send an email to However, we always recommend accommodation in the neighborhoods of Rio Vermelho or Barra da Lagoa, due to the proximity of the activities and you can find here our complete checklist of suggestions for everyday items.

As it is a special and monitored area, it is mandatory to identify within the CETAS the Instituto Espaço Silvestre shirt. It is available for purchase upon arrival at CETAS-SC, costing R$ 35.00 and belonging to the volunteer since its acquisition.

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Started in 2010, the project for the reintroduction of Vinaceous-breasted Amazon takes place inside the Araucárias National Park, between the municipalities of Ponte Serrada and Passos Maia, in Santa Catarina. In addition to being a few preserved regions of Araucaria forests throughout Brazil, the region is full of animals and lush landscapes, becoming a destination always full of natural surprises.

Our field research always requires a lot of help and hard work. For this reason, we expect volunteers who enjoy working within forests and have no problem getting their hands dirty. Among the main activities, is the monitoring of purple-breasted parrots through radiotelemetry, observation points and also the exploration of the region, talking to the local population and citizen scientists in search of new information about the parrots.

Our field trips are monthly, always leaving Florianópolis by car (+ - 8 hours of travel) and staying in place between 4 and 5 days. We provide accommodation, inside the National Park and the transfer in our car, if the departure is from Florianópolis or from any city on the travel route. Food and items for personal use in the field are the sole responsibility of the volunteer. To make it easier, you can access our recommended Checklist here .

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